• Courses in English 2022

  • Engaged couples who are planning to get married should attend Cana Movement's Marriage Preparation Course, preferably two years before their marriage date. Couses in English are usually held in April and October. Each course consists of ten meetings on a weekly basis. Bookings for attendance are made directly with the parish organising the course. A fee of € 35.00 is applicable for each couple. At the end of the course the couple is given a certificate which must be presented upon registration for marriage.

    Closer to the marriage date, the couple are to attend for the Immediate Preparation for Mariage, a number of meetings organised by the respective parish and not by Cana Movement directly. At the end the couple is given another certificate which is to be submitted also upon registration for marriage.

    Locality Venue Dates Tel*
    Balzan - Families For Christ 28, Idmejda Street, Balzan.  28 September 2022   9952 4673
    St Julian's John Paul II Conference Hall 79048490



    * Call during office hours.

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